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This page will attempt to concise essential information on traveling to Sierra Leone or planning a holiday. It assumes that that the traveler will focus in interesting destinations and the beautiful nature of the Western Peninsula area and to a lesser extent to the interior destinations. That assumption is based on the challenges of traveling to Sierra Leone especially in the “up-line” provinces and the genuine need for relaxation and recreation while on holidays. A compromise between charming resorts in beautiful beaches with a short interjection of adventure to the interior may just be the recipe for a great holiday.

The sightseeing in Sierra Leone starts with Freetown. You will hear a lot about the Cotton Tree that dominates the city center. Its value as a sightseeing landmark is more symbolic than actual but hard to miss as sooner or later you will drive past it.

Sightseeing in the Western Peninsula is somewhat more relaxing end potentially enjoyable than sightseeing in Freetown. The noisy traffic is now replaced with gentle ocean waves braking into golden beaches, palm trees and coconut trees on the horizon and a piece of paradise all to yourself. Areas of extreme beauty will mark your memories and your photo album and will certainly be highlights of any holiday.

Leaving Freetown on the peninsula road the first stops would be Lakka Beach and Sussex Beach. There is a fair tourist infrastructure there with Lakka Beack Resort and Pauls Place at Lakka and Franco’s (Florence Resort) famous for gastronomical reasons, at Sussex. Franco’s is one of the oldest resorts in Sierra Leone and Franco himself is a real character and worth to talk to about the past days of Sierra Leone. Further south two of the main attractions in Sierra Leone will stun the visitor with sheer beauty.


River Number 2

River Number 2 is arguably one of the three most beautiful destinations in Sierra Leone (the other two being Banana Island and Turtle Islands). The river twists and turns around the white sandbanks in turquoise waters that meet the blue ocean. Near buy is Tokeh beach with the famous dazzling white sand and some of the finest tourist infrastructure in the country.

The Place and TokehSands both set high standards are beach resort for a comfortable stay.

Between River Number 2 and Tokeh the small lodge Cockle Point, lodge is located on the river bunks and makes a low key alternative to the big resorts.

Further south there are two more points of interest. Black Johnson with Tito’s Paradise lodge

And John Obey with the ambitious project of Tribe Wanted,

Perhaps one of the most charming little beach destination in the Western Peninsula area is Bureh beach. There are several accommodation options there with similar standards and prices like Maroon view Guesthouse