A perfect destination to try snorkeling

Snorkeling in Sierra Leone

The rich aquatic life of Sierra Leone makes it a perfect destination to try snorkeling. Guests can join a snorkeling trip that takes them on top of the shallow reefs timing with life and colour.  Banana Island is a great location for snorkeling trips, with superior visibilities than the rest of the coast. The slender shape of the island that cuts through the costal currents guarantees calm and clear waters at any weather conditions and tides. The shallow reefs around the island nurture flocks of fish that attract predators like mackerel, pompano, jack, barracuda and make for an exciting observation of the sea bed. The dark basalt rock reefs contrasting with the white sand bed are the perfect background to the colorful action. Several shallow shipwrecks can also be visited by the advanced snorkelers when the conditions allow.