mackerel and dorado fishing

Spectacular Sport Fishing

Fishing lodge in Sierra Leone

West Africa offers some of the most spectacular sport fishing in the world. Game fish is big and plentiful off the coast of West Africa. Fish stocks are well preserved and anglers have many opportunities for thrilling fishing experiences. The remoteness of most of the fishing lodges ensures that that there is little competition between anglers. Furthermore the local population has no access to sophisticated and industrialized fishing technics to severely damage the fish stocks making West Africa a great choice for a fishing holiday.

Fishing lodges and fishing camps in West Africa vary in standards but one thing is in common. Simplicity, functionality and clear focus at the recreational fishing experience. As it is the case with most fishing lodges our resort blends in with the nature and provides a tranquil base to rest and unwind between fishing trips.

Daltons Banana Guesthouse is probably the most frequent operator for recreational fishing trips in Sierra Leone for a good reason. The vast experience of our skippers and fishing guides bring the anglers right to the action no matter the season, the tides the wind and any other circumstances. The fishing lodge’s ally for this is the supreme location of Banana Island in some of West Africa’s richest fishing grounds. The continental shell is 40km broad in this part of Sierra Leone littered with shallow reefs easily reachable. Furthermore Banana Island is situated conveniently between two major rivers to the East and the North, providing nutritious ingredients and nurturing a healthy fish stock to the waters around. This is great not only for the world record Tarpoon that is caught in Sierra Leone.  but also for the density of the medium and small game fishing stock  that can make any fishing trip a unique experience and a fishing holiday an unforgettable one.

The fishing lodge’s location plays another significant role the fishing undertakings too. Due to the long and slender shape of Banana Island that cuts perpendicular to the water movements of the West African currents, anglers will observe that the waters we fish in are some of the clearer and most transparent waters in the region. The visibility plays a key role to some fishing techniques particularly to trolling, but also to fly fishing and spear fishing. The large basalt boulders on the seabed surrounding Banana Island, also contribute to the clarity of the waters (less sand and particles moving with tides).

The rocky bottom also constitutes an ideal habitat for large groupers as well as hosting the scull of small prey that attracts predators like yellow fin jack, African pompano, king mackerel, and of course the plentiful and enormous barracuda that West Africa is famous for. Further from the island coastline we fish for dorado / mahi-mahi, bonita and tuna. Even furthered and closer to the oceanic shell the pelagic species can be found like marlin and swordfish. The giant tarpon, when in season, is fished in the shallows south-east of Banana Island. While slow trolling is the method of fishing used more often, other popular techniques are, fly fishing, bottom fishing, fast trolling, deep sea fishing, jigging, and spearfishing.

Boat charter for fishing excursions is made simple in our fishing lodge. With a fleet of nine boats, 6 imported and 3 locally made, the angler may choose the vessel suitable to the particular day’s fishing needs. Smaller boats can be chartered for short fishing trip near Banana Island and bigger, 2 engine boats for longer fishing excursion. The popular 3 day fishing excursion with tents, cook, camping gear is a real treat for the keen angler.

Although we do not promise world record catches to ALL of our anglers, we aim that our fishing excursions will be a real thrill and combined with our shared passion for recreational fishing and the warm hospitality of the lodge will make a memorable holiday.