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Nowadays couples want their marriage to be special, unique and out of the usual,  in order this special moments to reflect their unique personalities. Destination weddings in exotic and uncommon locations have been increasing continually not only due to their appeal as romantic and memorable places, but also as an interesting and economical alternative to a traditional wedding. The lack of extravagant receptions with augmented guest lists and the elimination of the need for a separate honeymoon trip after the ceremony are two key aspects for making a destination wedding  an inexpensive as well as an exciting chose for young couples.

Exotic beach resorts in Sierra Leone have recently been attracting a fair amount of destination weddings. The natural beauty of coastline of Sierra Leone is an unbeatable background for a wedding, making many of the resorts an excellent choice for a wedding venue. Daltons Banana Guesthouse is an exotic resort located on a tropical island in Sierra Leone. Banana Island is blessed with lush forest, clear waters and isolated beaches and consequently a brilliant spot for a wedding or a honeymoon.

Daltons Banana Guesthouse can make a perfect venue either for an exotic wedding, or a secluded honeymoon base in Sierra Leone.

The experienced staff can handle efficiently the preparations prior to the ceremony, and the activities and recreation after the wedding. The range of activities will guaranty that the groom, bride and guests will be kept excited for the duration of the stay. A trip to the remote Turtle Islands after the wedding will be a memory not to forget. Call 076278120 to discuss the particular requirements of your event.

A destination wedding in Sierra Leone would start at Lungi airport where our staff would handle the arrivals and the transportation logistics of the wedding group. On late arrivals a stay over at Freetown would be preferable before the group continues to Banana Island. Information on special requests and supplies would have been given in advance, so the group would meet all necessary items on the island. The ceremony could take place in one of the old churches of Dublin village in a picturesque environment. The reception would be set in the beach front restaurant of the resort. The following days the wife and groom can set off for a honeymoon trip to the idyllic Turtle Islands, while the friends and relatives of the wedding can enjoy numerous activities on Banana Island, such as scuba diving, sport fishing, snorkeling, forest walks, historical tours and more. Some may choose to visit Freetown and enjoy the classic sightseen site of Sierra Leone such as: Tacugama chimpanzee sanctuary, Bunce Island, River n.2 or have a taste of urban life in a west African capital. When all members of the group would have completed the individual itineraries of their holiday, the resort staff would accompany the group to the airport and ensure a smooth departure.